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We bring design together with technology
We bring design together with technology
Algon Printers
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We are committed to creating any of your printing needs with top-of-the-line papers, splendid designs, and personalized care.


We are proud to offer an extensive line of advanced machinery and skilled staff to satisfy all of your printing needs.


We respect your valuable time. Therefore we guarantee to provide almost all your printing needs with express delivery.

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Welcome To Algon Printers

Algon printers, a well- acclaimed company successfully delivering unmatched quality printing services since 1981. Its among the most trusted names in the printing Industry. Algon Printers was founded by late Shri Janak Raj Mahajan and presently run by Mr Sanjay, Mr. Rajeev and Mr. Satyen Mahajan.

With years of expertise, constant up gradation of printing infrastructure coupled with induction of new techniques, Algon Printers has virtually become a synonym of the most dependable quality printing service provider

This has been made possible only due to use of all digital innovative printing solutions and the – latest printing infrastructure available with Algon Printers. Algon Printers do not offer only digital and offset printing but they also offer design and pre-press services as well as finishing services like folding, stitch and trim, Die Cutting, Lamination, Pasting, Leaf Printing, UV Printing

and Book Binding(hard/soft).

Being in service industry, we fully understand the importance of time which is of utmost importance looking into the present competitive markets. We are proud to state that in an industry where customer turnover is high, we share enduring bond with our Clients.

What We Do

Pizza Box

Carry Bags

Medicine Box

Khakhi Carry Bags

Ice Cream Box

ID Cards



Newspaper Pamplet

Receipt Book

Visiting Card

Cake Box

Letter Head

Table Calendar

Burger Box


School Notebook

Wall Calendar

Visiting Cards

French Fries Pouch

Restaurant Menu

Paper Carry Bags

Pastry Box

Sandwich Box

Takeaway Menu



Wall Posters

School Diary


Bill Book

Invitation Cards

Invitation Cards

Tent Cards

Labels and Tags

Newspaper Pamphlet

Tray Mat

Our Work


Very good place. One stop solution for all printing and branding needs. Mr Sanjay, Mr. Rajeev and Mr. Satyen Mahajan the owner are very courteous and nice. Staff is experienced and skilled.

- Raj Mathur

Yet this place stands for their work, Excellent customer service & As expected results. They know their work better than anyone around...

- Salman

Great place for any kind of printing you need. Even they have a good designers also.

- Michale

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a vertical line down the page when I’m printing?

Generally speaking, a visible vertical line down your page after printing is an indication that the image drum in the machine may be damaged. It could also mean that the machine is reaching the end of its life. An idea would be to check the page count of the printer, or run a quick maintenance check to make sure that the machine isn’t simply in need of a clean. If this doesn’t solve the issue, then you may need to consider a new machine.

Why are there dots on my page when I print?

Dots on the page are usually a sign that the printer you are using needs a good clean. Paper dust, glue and other things can wear off inside the machine, damaging the surface of the drum. When this happens, toner can build up or stick to these areas of the drum, which causes black dots on the paper.

Why is the paper jamming in the machine?

If the paper that you have put in the machine is jamming, then this could be for a multitude of reasons. The two most common causes of this issue are a) cheap paper and b) paper that’s too thick. To avoid any future paper jamming issues, do your research to find out which papers are/aren’t compatible with your machine. The standard paper thickness for most machines is between 80gsm & 120 gsm.

What is GSM?

GSM stands for ‘Grams per Square Meter’, and is a term that you will often hear when discussing media thickness.

Will my operating system support this printer?

Some operating systems, particularly older or dated systems, may not be supported by your new machine. We usually advise that printers last for about 3 years before they will need replacing. Of course, this depends entirely on how much you use the printer. However, this means that newer machines are less likely to support old operating systems. The best way to find out whether or not your operating system is supported is to check the specification of your printer. All of this information will be available to find either online on our website, or in the printer handbook.

Bring in service industry, we fully understand the importance if time which is of utmost importance lookinmg into importance looking into the present competitive magnets. We are fraud to state that in an industry where customer turnover is high, we store enduring band with our Clients.

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